This is an detailed description on the Mercedes SL65 that we have been working on through out July. The SL65 has been created to show the world a great invention of sports and luxuriousness of our generation.

Written by Shuraih Azhar – Work Experience




The body kit on this car is a Xclusive Customz wide arch body kit, the mind blowing white paint which gives the car an astounding flame in brilliance. The SL65 is fitted in with an Xclusive wide front bumper fitted with a dark mesh grill to produce an evil look to the Awesome SL65, the vehicle also has an intense brightness in the headlights which gives the car a great sense of wickedness.



The rear bumper of the car is built in with an Xclusive Customz wide rear bumper, the colour is still the same as the front bumper, the rear indicator lights highlighted with a bright Red glow. The rear bumper is also fixed with 2 wide exhausts on each side of the bumper.



The wide arch SL65 is then sat on top of four silver 20” rims, this allows the SL65 to have a rather malicious look to its body, sheltered by black Eagle F1 tyres. It also contains high side skirts on each side of the car, both sides are also fitted with ‘V12 Turbo’ signs, As well as the signs, the sides contain grilled air vents, which gives the car a depraved appearance.



The front bonnet of the car is also painted white with four grilled air vents to let the heat out of this hot car. The outside is then finished with a hard top roof that can be converted to no roof, so when you drive on a sundrenched day you can remove the roof so you can feel the breeze of the air touch you, all in one button.



The SL65 contains fancy interior which is amazingly relaxing, considering its got red leather seats. Also the centre of the inside contains advanced controls to have power over the SL65, which is then surrounded with black trim to give the interior quite a home looking style. The gearbox of the SL65 is Automatic/Tiptronic so you can relax and simply steer the car while you drive. Above the gearstick there is a fairly small satnav screen on which you can listen to the media you want to listen to, and it can show you the directions to your next destination. The inside is then fitted in with Air conditioning. The air enters from the 7 Air vents fitted inside of the car.



In general, we would recommend this Mercedes SL65 to anyone who wants to buy a new car. The reasons for this is that the car is very home looking when your inside. The moment you sit inside this breath-taking car you can then feel the sense of cosiness that you would never have experienced. Therefore this is why we believe this car is great because of all the luxury and sportiness all in one.

Written by Shuraih Azhar – Work Experience