// Product and Quality

DuraFlex FRP

Most kits are made out of Fibreglass or Urethane. Fibreglass is know to be rigid but brittle, and with a poor finish. Urethane kits are known for their flexibility, but they actually change shape in warm weather due to this characteristic.

All our products are made out of high quality DuraFlex FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic). FRP is Fibre Glass with a  DuraFlex Gel Plastic upper coating. What this does is provide a middle ground product that has the benefits of both Fibreglass and Urethane products, with none of the drawbacks.

Our Promise

You may have noticed that we use the same product on all our kits. This is because we only create high quality goods, and because we stand by the quality of our products. We use the same materials on all our cars. The result is a plastic that is rigid, with flex under pressure and one that is resistant to weathering. You’ll also get an easy to paint surface that dries to a smooth, high quality finish that is easy to take care of.

// Fitting and Modifications

Designed on the Car

All our kits are designed on the cars they are designed to fit. This means that all our kits are designed to fit the brackets and fixing points you already have on your car.


Despite all our best efforts to create you perfectly fitting kits, there will always need to be some minor adjustments made to your car during fitting. This can be the moving or removal or minor parts and brackets. This is nothing an experienced body-shop will struggle with.

// Orders and Shipping

FREE UK Shipping

If you spend £900 on this store, delivery to any UK mainland address can benefit from FREE shipping. You must make your purchase online to be eligible for free shipping.

International Shipping

We do ship our body kits and single parts internationally. You currently can’t make international orders on our website. But you can make an order by sending us an email, or calling us directly. We’ll get you a quote in record time.

Need additional parts for your project?

Do you need additional parts to complete the look of your project? We will source you the parts and deliver them to you with your order.

Orders & Stock

Are you looking at a part and worried about it being in stock? Not a problem. We make all our own parts. So if we don’t have your item in stock, we’ll get it made for you, brand new and delivered to your door within 2 weeks. That’s a promise.