Audi A3 to RS3, 3-Door | Rear Bumper | 10-12

Audi A3 to RS3, 3-Door | Rear Bumper | 10-12


Our RS3 conversions are designed to fully transform your Audi A3 to the newer RS3 model. The body kit allows you to facelift your vehicle to an alluring and appealing car.

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    This Rear Bumper fits the ‘Audi A3 to RS3, 3-Door Full Body Kit’ we create. Easily transform your Audi A3 3-Door to give it the look of the Audi RS3.┬áThis part comes in black primer and will need painting.

    This bumper is made to fit with our RS3 rear arches, if you purchase this bumper separately then it will either need to be modified to fit your car or you will need to purchase the rear arches.

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