Ford Transit Custom

Here we have our brand new lip kit for the Ford Transit Custom as we have decided to expand our products to not only cars but vans also. We decided to design a body kit for the Ford Transit Custom as we think that the Transit Custom is the perfect van to convert due to the different elements that it has to offer, this includes the fact that you can choose Long Wheel Based or Short Wheel Based.

We did loads of research before deciding to start designing kits for vans and we found that there are many different companies that convert the interior however not as many that offer conversions for the exterior! Therefore we set out to create a simple yet alluring body kit that allowed for attention to be drawn to the vehicle.

The body kit that we created consists of:

  • Front Bumper Add-On with Splitter and Inserts
  • Rear Bumper with Dummy Exhausts
  • Side Skirts (which we can produce for both SWB and LWB)
  • Roof Spoiler (which fits perfectly onto Tailgate Doors, however, it will need modifying to fit onto Barn Doors)